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Dear Friends:

Hi! I'm Chrissie Blaze, a longtime astrologer, author and teacher. The aim of my website is to inform and inspire, and to provide a platform for what I believe are two of the most important studies available to us at this time of great change in our world: the Spiritual sciences and Karmic Astrology. I provide practical tools through my books, articles, astrology readings, both personal and computerized, blog, email newsletter, etc., which are aimed to be helpful as well as inspirational.

I am also pleased to announce that, on November 22, 2014, a Spiritually significant day and the day of the inspirational New Moon in Sagittarius, I published a second website - www.astrologycity.com. This New Moon represents a time of reinvigorating and reclaiming our search for truth and having the courage to follow this search with sincerity and tenacity. I feel this website, as it evolves over time, may be helpful to the thinkers and seekers of our world, of which I am one.

I hope you may enjoy both these websites!

P.S. Please check out my husband, Gary Blaze's new website Qi Healing System for Qigong, Qi Healing, Distant Healing, Intuitive Spiritual Counselling, and more.

Welcome to the new ChrissieBlaze.com

We are still migrating some of the old content, such as articles and links, so you may not find there here for the moment. You can still visit the old website to read them.


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