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Karmic Astrology: Understanding the Keys to Your Soul's Purpose

Karmic Astrology is an understanding of your soul's journey through the lifetimes. An understanding of karma is essential in astrology because your birth chart, that horoscope drawn up at the exact moment and place of your birth, is in fact your karmic pattern.

When you learn the language of the Cosmos, astrology, you see that all your previous lifetimes of experience are encapsulated in that one moment of time. You are a sum total now of everything we have learned and experienced. The person you are now is far more important than the person you were in any previous lifetimes because you have moved on from there, and hopefully you have grown.

Some people may be excited to think that they were a famous writer or personality in a past life but, even if by a remote chance they were, they are still more important today than they were then. We move on through the lifetimes, and when we dwell too much on what we might or might not have been in past lives, this can hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be in this one.

An intuitive astrologer can see, hidden within the complexities and patterns of your birth chart; who you might have been in the past and the type of person you were but, more importantly, the person you can become.

People tend to associate karma with negativity: "that's your karma", "what goes around comes around", "you'll get what you deserve". In fact, Karma is the great Law of Creation which states that action and reaction is opposite and equal. In other words, it's not just the bad things we do that get results but everything - good, bad and indifferent. That is why our karmic patterns are a mixed bag and that is why we get challenges as well as opportunities; that is why we face difficulties as well as triumphs. If we never experienced very much and everything was happy all the time, we would not be learning and growing.

Karmic astrology is the study of the growth and evolution of you, the soul, through the challenges and opportunities presented by your karmic pattern. However, we are not just meant to be puppets, pulled here and there by our karma, we are here learning to become more conscious and more aware so that we can understand and master our karma.

For example, when we see that a difficult period is up ahead through looking at certain planetary patterns, we should try to avoid being overly anxious but instead choose to be proactive. There are many things we can do to make a potentially difficult time one in which we actually improve our lives. Karmic astrology is a tool for us to use.

Self knowledge is the key. It always has been and it always will be. The more we know ourselves the more potent we can be in our service to others; and this our true destiny.

Karmic Astrology is for the novice astrologer and experienced astrologer alike. It covers topics including the Cycles in Astrology, Karmic Relationships, Past Lives, the Karmic Lessons of the Sun Signs, and more. The more we understand and embrace our birth chart, the more we are empowered and fulfilled.

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Healing Meditations: Blessings for the Heart

These Healing Meditations are like blessings for your heart. Each one is a poetic and mystical reminder of the spiritual riches that lie within us. By daily reflection on one of these 30 Meditations, we reorientate ourselves towards our true birthright - love, joy, enthusiasm, gratitude, inspiration, abundance, harmony and fulfillment.

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"This book is a treasure trove of information, not just about astrology but about ourselves. Chrissie Blaze takes astrology to its highest, turning it into a form of spiritual reflection."

Marianne Williamson
Author, A Return to Love

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When the planet Mercury shifts orbit, we experience a few weeks of missed connections and communication breakdowns. Your package never arrives. You sign a contract that turns into a disaster. You may feel it's bad luck. It's Mercury Retrograde and it's happening to everyone, all at the same time. This is a practical workbook with a calendar to make it simple to look up the times when Mercury is retrograde and plan ahead, and a survival guide with techniques to help you sail through these periods. It explains how Mercury Retrograde is a gift to make your life more fulfilling. The golden secret of Mercury Retrograde is a time to review, revisit, re-examine, rethink and reboot.

Chrissie Blaze is not only an outstanding astrologer with a unique depth and insight into this much misunderstood subject, but also a brilliant communicator who makes this valuable information accessible and engaging - as is demonstrated in this fantastic book.

Richard Lawrence
world teacher/author, Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels

You must have noticed those days when it just doesn't glue together? It seems that now we have a chance to get hold of a better perspective on why it goes peanut and jelly side down - at last; we know why and how it works.Use Chrissie's book to minimize the back-wash of Mercury Retrograde.

Mike Allen
Smooth Radio 102.2 London. Great Britain

In Mercury Retrograde, author Chrissie Blaze makes the enigmatic understandable. Having observed the effects of mercury retrograde in my own life over the past three decades, effecting communications, contracts, machinery and new projects, one is well advised to take Blaze's suggestions of how best to utilize, rather than be victimized, by this quarterly astronomical phenomena. When attended to, as Blaze makes clear in her wonderful book, Mercury Retrograde can assist us in finishing old projects, in becoming masters of detail or if nothing else, becoming astute observers of this and other events which astrology has examined for thousands of years. Thank you Chrissie Blaze for offering such a lucid exploration of the challenges and benefits of Mercury Retrograde.

J. Zohara Meyerhoff Hieronimus
USA, Author, Broadcaster, Photographer and Integrative Medicine Pioneer

Chrissie Blaze's book on Mercury Retrograde is extremely helpful when scheduling events and making plans. She has not only described the types of things that happen but also how to use these periods each year in a very positive and spiritual way, as a time of renewal and reflection. This is a brilliant guidebook that everyone should have.

Dr. John Holder
Chairman, The Mind-Body-Spirit Festivals, U.K.

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"According to Baby Star Signs, she likes to live life at a frenzied pace and is full of high spirits. As well as learning more about her socialization, motor skills, eating habits and education, I also learned about her future potential and destiny. This book is a must-have for all parents."

Dr. John Holder
Chairman, Mind Body Spirit Festivals, England

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Have you ever tried to learn astrology but been put off by the symbols, squiggles and unpronounceable jargon? Have you got so far but given up because of the increasing complexity? Chrissie Blaze, astrologer, author, broadcaster and international speaker, has spent twenty-five years teaching complex subjects in an easily-understandable way. This practical workbook shows you how to stop reading books (except this one) and start reading charts. It will navigate you through the complexity of the cosmos to understanding your own birth chart in five easy steps.


Chrissie's wisdom just pops off the page. Not only does she make astrology accessible, but she shares her experience with the finesse of a born and compassionate teacher. Yet again, she has given readers her distinctive blend of wisdom, humor, bluntness, and discernment. She is the rare how-to writer who knows how to make information accessible to students at all levels. Never oversimplifying, always reaching out and up -- wouldn't you like to read HER astrological chart? And, of course, now you can.

Rose Rosetree

Cool and witty. She keeps things simple so anyone can understand their chart but don't be fooled by the simplicity; Chrissie's depth of astrology and her metaphysical knowledge are profound. Like all the best teachers, she can put a complex subject in an easily-understandable way. And she does it with this book. I highly recommend you get a copy.

Dave Davies
international rock star, Founding Member "The Kinks",
International Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, metaphysician.

Chrissie Blaze has written THE book for anyone interested in learning astrology, and she's done it in a lively and witty style. Reading How to Read Your Horoscope in 5 Easy Steps is like having your own personal astrology teacher close at hand. It's aimed at beginner astrologers but also offers insights and revelations for experienced astrologers. It's a must have in everyone's metaphysical library.

Dr. John Holder
Chairman, Festivals for Mind-Body-Spirit, U.K.

This book is like an easy conversation with a friend...where the friend is a learned scientist yet knows the gift of imparting information easily in what seems to be a guided path, allowing the reader to learn while feeling completely at ease. She describes how she became passionate about astrology, which makes the reader feel excited about the topic as well. She makes it seem that anyone, just by reading this book, can easily understand what has so long seemed mysterious and only available to those who studied for many years. For anyone who has ever yearned to master the fundamentals or evenintricacies of astrology, this book is a gem.

Nora J. Baladerian, Ph.D.,
TFTdx, LMFT, Clinical & Forensic Psychology Center
for Healing of West Los Angeles

Chrissie Blaze is not only an outstanding astrologer with a unique depth and insight into this much misunderstood subject, but also a brilliant communicator who makes this valuable information accessible and engaging - as is demonstrated in this fantastic book.

Richard Lawrence
World teacher / Author 'Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels'

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As our lives get busier, we have less time for spiritual things. Yet it is widely known that people of all ages are seeking spiritual awareness. It is also known that those who have active spiritual lives live longer and happier -- this is the BUZZ in media, books, seminars, communities and homes from coast to coast.

But most of us just can't find the time. We become stressed by this spiritual awakening combined with a busy lifestyle and, as a result, our health and quality of life suffer.

Workout for the Soul: Eight Steps to Inner Fitness is the only book that offers a dynamic workout for the soul that can be performed in only fifteen minuts a day -- and which really brings results.

With its mix of East meets West practices, Workout for the Soul offers readers a simple step-by-step approach to achieving spiritual connectedness in our fast-paced, need-it-now society. It explains why it is more important to work out your soul than even your physical body - or your mind! In just fifteen minutes you can:

Tap into a higher purpose;
Live a fuller, more aware life, and find balance;
Become closer to God in a more personal way;
Fulfill a growing desire to help other people and the environment.

Workout for the Soul can help you do all this and much more...In just 15 minutes per day (one half of the time it takes to watch a television sitcom), readers are given tangible and practical tools and practices to achieve their desired level of spiritual or soul fitness.

Workout for the Soul has a special foreword by Dave Davies, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, lead guitarist, writer and founding member of The Kinks.


At last a truly practical book about how to survive these stress-filled times.

Dave Davies
International rock star/Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Lead guitarist/writer and founder member of The Kinks.

This clear and informative book offers its readers an invaluable key to mental and spiritual fulfillment.

Dr. Richard Lawrence
International best-selling author, media personality and leading expert on the paranormal in the U.K.
Author of 'The Meditation Plan', 'Little Book of Karma'

This innovative book offers a simple, step-by-step program for inner fitness.

Dr. John Holder, Chairman, The Festival for Mind-Body-Spirit

This is my new companion for life. It will serve as my personal tour guide to higher states of consciousness.

Ron Davis, President, American Institute of Education.

This is one book I'd love to have on my bookshelf so I could reread it and follow the program.

Dr. Marcia Yudkin
Marketing expert, Author

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Prayer is the common language of all spiritual practices. It transcends words, language barriers, and different religious beliefs. Although 72 percent of Americans use prayer in some form in their daily lives, they are never really taught how to use it effectively. While most prayer is aimed at developing a personal relationship with God, the Power Prayer technique also helps readers tap into the energy of prayer and get in touch with their inner spirit.

Power Prayer is a spiritual book that offers practical solutions to the problems we all face, offering prayers and meditations for:

- Creating inner peace and healing in only a few minutes a day
- Increasing vitality and improving health and well-being
- Feeling more creative and inspired
- Dispelling worry and anxiousness

Power Prayer is the first book that shows readers how to use prayer as a practical tool that can be used to make a difference—whether in their own lives of the lives of others.

Book Review

Reviews of Power Prayer by Gary and Chrissie Blaze
Adams Media, 2003 (Foreword by Marianne Williamson)

Rose Rosetree, an internationally renowned face-reader (and much more), wrote the following review on www.amazon.com for Power Prayer. She suggested that I share it with others via my website and asked that others go to amazon and add their own reviews. It really helps with sales, so Gary and I appreciate that. Here is Rose's wonderful review:

Reviewer: Rose Rosetree "rose-rosetree dotcom" (Sterling, VA United States)

"Meditation on the Divine Self" exercise is my favorite technique from this juicy, lively book. But it's crammed with useful understandings and wise advice.

One of the most significant things about this marvelous book is how the co-authors give anecdotes about experiences with prayer-results they achieved, miracles initiated by their prayer students-yet there's never the feeling of bragging. As a lifelong reader, plus someone who worked professionally as a book reviewer for six years, I can't tell you how rare this is. Of course, if you're discerning about the tone of books, you don't need me to because you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Because I've been a fan of Chrissie's writing for a number of years, and know her personally a bit through emails, I chanced to learn that the proceeds of this remarkable book are donated to the spiritual organization for which she has served as a minister for decades, the Aetherius Society.

Trust Chrissie and Gary NOT to trumpet this fact on the jacket or make it a big deal in the promotion of the book. That speaks for their uncommon integrity, too. Many an author or publisher has bragged about giving part a book's profits to a worthy cause, using the charity (however miniscule the percentage) as a means to gain media attention and turn buyers' sales resistance into mush. Here, quietly, they're giving it all away. May this remarkable book make a million for the Aetherius Society! And may seven million dollars more come back to Chrissie and Gary!

One of my favorite parts of the Bible, in the Book of Matthew, concerns the sanctity of prayer when done directly to God, without bragging. Those who boast about their holiness and good deeds are said get their rewards on earth, not in heaven. From the behavior of many so-called Christians, you wouldn't know they'd read this central bit of scripture, would you?

But Chrissie and Gary walk their talk. Whatever your religious path, this jewel of a book can add to your crowning glory--which, contrary to conventional wisdom-is NOT your hair.

Before and after trying their prayer techniques, try reading the festival of light shining out of your body, including the crown chakra at the top of your head.

I recommend doing this because it's a real way to gauge the authentic power of this book. Using a technique for spiritual discernment-"Finding a New Church Home," in my how-to, "Aura Reading Through All Your Senses," I can tell you that results in my own aura prove unquestionably that POWER PRAYER really is powerful.

I'm so grateful for this book. If you're considering buying it, don't hesitate. May you, too, find results from this inspired, generous and wonderfully practical book.

Signed: Rose Rosetree

"In this beautiful and inspiring book, Chrissie Blaze lights our way toward a new world and a new humanity. Deeper into Love reveals exactly how love is the most potent of alchemies, healing and transforming in the process."

Lynne McTaggart, bestselling
Author, The Field and The Intention Experiment

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