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My style of working is to use a combination of astrology and intuition. I record my findings on CD. I provide the following different types of consultations:

Karmic Birth Chart

In astrology, the Birth Chart (also known as the Natal Chart) provides a general life reading that covers life issues such as family, health, career, travel, etc. I do what is called Evolutionary or Karmic astrology, and this also provides insight on your life lessons (karma), what you have brought from the past, and what you have chosen for this life (destiny). After analyzing your Karmic Birth Chart from an evolutionary perspective, I record a CD that focuses on a general life reading, as well as your challenges, talents, hidden potential and destiny from a karmic perspective. If you have any specific questions, I answer these in the light of your overall destiny. If you also wish to have a one-year Forecast, I have special rates (please see below) if you order this at the same time as the Karmic Chart.

Fee: Currently Unavailable

Forecast Chart

With the Forecast Chart, I analyze your year ahead by constructing and analyzing your Solar Return Chart (which runs from your nearest birthday in the current year to your birthday in the following year). It is the chart drawn up at the moment the Sun returns to the exact position that it was when you were born. This can sometimes be the day before your birthday or the day after your birthday. This chart represents a completely new cycle for you around your birthday, offering its own challenges and opportunities each year. I also analyze your Progressed Chart and the current Transits operating in your life for the year ahead. Using this information, together with Numerology, I analyze what you can expect in the year ahead. Also, if you have any specific questions, I answer these in the light of your Solar Return Chart, Progressed Chart and Transits. This is the most popular chart; many people find it helpful to have a Forecast Chart done every year around the time of their birthday. If you have never had your Natal Chart analyzed, I recommend you consider having a Karmic Chart and Forecast Chart Combination. I have special rates (please see below) if you order this at the same time as the Forecast Chart.

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Fee: One-Year Forecast & Questions: Currently Unavailable

SPECIAL: Karmic and Forecast Chart Combination

I recommend this combination if you are a new client. I analyze your Karmic Birth Chart, Solar Return chart, Transits, Progressions and Numerology and record the findings on a 2-CD set. This reduced fee only applies if you have both Karmic and Forecast charts done at the same time.

Fee: Currently Unavailable


Compatibility Charts

The Compatilibity Chart is an analysis of the compatibility between two charts, and is usually done when considering marriage or a business partnership. It focuses on the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship and on areas that might need attention. I need permission from both parties in order to do this. This consultation includes up to five specific


Fee: Compatibility Chart & Questions: Currently Unavailable


Keepsake Baby or Child Chart

The Baby or Child Chart is similar to the Natal Chart but places a special focus on how to bring out your child's potential, and is based on original research presented by Chrissie Blaze in "The Baby's Astrologer" Warner Books, 2003. The consultation is sent in a presentation folders as a keepsake and makes an ideal gift.

Fee: Keepsake Baby or Chiid Chart in Presentation Folder: Currently Unavailable


Gift Certificates

From $175-$250 depending upon the type of Chart. Currently Unavailable

I accept payment by check or PayPal in US Dollars. All fees include shipping and handling.



"I recieved your tape. I know you must hear this all the time, but I am amazed by your insight. Besides having incredible talent you also come across as an extremely compassionate woman, and that touched me deeply. Thank you for sharing your time and vision with me."
Giorgio Davanzi, Seattle WA


"A big thank- you for your very insightful astrology reading; your accuracy was amazing!"
Geraldine Flexen, London England


"I was astounded by the accuracy of your reading. I expected to hear generalizations but it didn't happen. It was thorough "soul-print." Your ability is a joy and a beacon to me."
M.C., Arlington VA


"Chrissie Blaze knew me better than I know myself and gave me confidence, as well as practical advice on how to pursue my long-held dreams."
David Becker, London England


"I ordered your Natal Chart as a birthday gift for myself and it was one of the best and most useful gifts ever. I especially enjoyed the cassette which was so comprehensive. I listened to it many times during the year. It really helped me work through some important relationship and life-direction decisions."
Bonnie Montoya, Los Angeles CA


"I received my tape of the interpretation of my natal chart today. Thank you so very much! You have exceptional talent! Everything you said resonated with me, so much so my body was vibrating as I listened. You have a beautiful gift for languaging the essence and detail in a chart, you knew me so well it amazed me. It's like you looked into my very soul, read my thoughts, and could convey my heart's desires. You are truly blessed with the gift of interpretation."
Sue Foley, Clifton Park, NY


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