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It is said that every time a person somewhere on the surface of our Earth, gains some new insight, or has a flash of inspiration, or performs an act of selfless service, the delicate balance of our Earth is improved in that degree. What tremendous changes are wrought therefore, when an Elevated Master of Yoga spends decades of historic and action-packed years upon our world? On July 12, 1997, the Western Master of Yoga, His Eminence Dr. George King, passed on. "Incredible" and "amazing" are words too mild to describe the life and works of this spiritual giant who was born on January 23, 1919 and within a relative few years, proceeded to undertake metaphysical tasks of global proportions. Even as a boy he was an original thinker. Throughout his life he never hesitated to think thoughts on a grand scale and he had the genius and practicality to bring these into manifestation. As he grew older. he began to tread more surely the uncharted path of inspiration and noble vision. No one, even in their wildest imagining, could have begun to even dream of some of the achievements of this one man and Master. He was, without doubt, way ahead of his time. He pushed forward the limits of science and spirituality and combined them both in global healing missions of incredible power and influence. For the time he was with us, he illumined the mental realms of Earth with his sheer genius and enabled us to appreciate more deeply the wonders of the Universe and Creation and the mysteries of life.

While the international metaphysical organization, The Aetherius Society, founded by Dr. George King in England in 1955, achieved tremendous publicity throughout the years, his passing was unnoticed by the world as a whole. There are many reasons for this. He had a job to do which was far more important than gaining public recognition. This was a global mission of service to humanity - and much more. He did not just feed mankind with the spiritual food of his wisdom and profound teachings, he also taught us how we can give spiritual food - in the form of healing and enlightenment to our brothers and sisters throughout the world. As is always the case with people who come to herald in a new way of thinking or a new breakthrough in science, medicine or spirituality, they are misunderstood by the vast majority, and their brilliance and genius is often ignored or denied. So it was with Dr. George King. He will, however, go down in history as one of the most fascinating Masters of Yoga, who attained mastery in many of the paths of yoga. Through using Karma Yoga, Gnani Yoga, Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Agni Yoga, Mudra Yoga and Mantra Yoga, he was able to attain the highest states of consciousness available to mankind, in which complete control was gained over the mystical power of kundalini. His diligence, powers of concentration and single-mindedness were constant hallmarks in his life which led him through eight to ten hours of yoga practice per day for ten years - on top of a regular daytime job - to attainment of the highest states. The feats he demonstrated were remarkable, his achievements outstanding and even at a young age he was preparing for a great task.

However, in 1954 his destiny and that of the world was to be changed forever and his mission became so great that it even overshadowed his own personal advancement and teachings. One day in May, a Cosmic Intelligence approached him and after he had undergone a further period of intense preparation, he was appointed "Primary Terrestrial Mental Channel".

Almost immediately, the Cosmic Masters, advanced extra-terrestrials living on the higher realms of existence of other Planets within our Solar System, began giving teachings of profound wisdom through telepathic rapport with this chosen channel. These teachings -- referred to as Cosmic Transmissions - were given through Dr. King while he was in the positive yogic trance condition known in the East as " samadhi". In this elevated state, he could be used as a channel for the teachings, which were then meticulously recorded for posterity.

During Dr. King's life, over six hundred Transmissions were received in this manner at great personal risk to himself. However, these today form a spiritual library equal to any of the mystery schools of Earth. The wisdom of the Cosmic Masters is profound and far-reaching, and yet is given in simple, easily understandable form for all mankind.

Many of the early Transmissions were on the subject of nuclear experimentation and its terrible dangers, which were relatively unknown to Earth scientists at the time. The Cosmic Masters also spoke of holes in the ionosphere and the deeper reasons for these. They gave many flying saucer forecasts as proof of their validity; many of which were subsequently verified in the world's press. They spoke of the Divine Potential within us all, the Aquarian Age, the changing seasons, a new Planet, and many other things.

Suddenly, Dr. King was in the spotlight and these messages, far from making him popular, made his life extremely difficult. In 1958, when he received a series of twelve Transmissions from no less a Cosmic Personage than the Master Jesus, he received death threats. This wonderful series of teachings and mystic practices, known as "The Twelve Blessings" are an extension of The Sermon on the Mount, which include a Cosmic Concept. Dr. King, a man of great strength and courage continued despite these threats; he had a lifelong mission to perform and he would let nothing stand in his way.

Over the next 40 years, Dr. King lived and labored to bring peace and enlightenment to the world. But his real Mastery, apart from his Yogic ability to channel highly evolved Cosmic Masters, was his understanding and manipulation of the Law of Karma; the law of cause and effect, and his incredible ability to understand and manipulate spiritual energy for the benefit of all. Dr. King spoke profoundly and lovingly about this great Law of God, within which we all think and move and have our being, just as do the animals, plants and even rocks upon our planet -- and throughout Creation.

One of the most brilliant aphorisms perhaps ever spoken on this subject was the profound description of this Law which he gave in three words: "Karma is pressure". Those of us who have suffered consciously at the hands of our own karmic pattern understand the truth of that statement. We are bent and molded until, often through painful experience, we finally submit to the "pressure" of its relentless will. And until we conform to the Divine Law, we trip ourselves up over and over again, finding the same lessons appearing dressed in different guises. Dr. King devised many global healing missions for mankind that not only help us to conform to the Laws of God, of love, of service to others, but have the magical power to manipulate the great Law on our behalf and the behalf of all.

Dr. King was a spiritual warrior. His main task in coming to our Earth was to battle for the souls of man and he taught that nothing is inevitable. Not the predicted earthquakes, nor the predicted negative effects of the major astrological configurations, nor the destruction of the Planet through our total disregard of its sacred nature and our rape of Her resources.

Neither is it inevitable that mankind as a race will remain on this Planet and inherit the New Age of peace and enlightenment, the Aquarian Age, now dawning.

He was a Master of karmic manipulation. He believed, taught and practiced that within the great Law of God is a vein of compassion, which allows this Law to be so manipulated. From that point, all his teachings and missions began. No longer was disease just a result of our karma which, because of this, was inevitable and could not be healed.

One of his outstanding early achievements was the global mission, Operation Starlight. Again, way ahead of its time, this three-year mission, which ran from 1958-1961, caused 19 mountains throughout the world to be charged with tremendous spiritual energy, making them New Age Power Centers. Dr. George King was instructed by highly elevated Cosmic Masters to physically climb 18 of these 19 mountains, to be used as the terrestrial "anchor" for the charge that They would put through him into these mountains. Like giant batteries they now hold a charge which can be tapped by any good thinking person who goes to these places and sends out prayers of healing for the world. The healing and power released by these pilgrims is equivalent to that which could be invoked by an Adept of energy manipulation. Operation Starlight therefore enables relatively ordinary people to bring great change for the good on the surface of our world. Four of these mountains were charged in the U.S.A. - Mount Baldy, S. California, Mount Tallac, N. California, MountAdams, New Hampshire; and Castle Peak, Colorado.

The word ecology is on everyone's lips. But it was certainly not 25 years ago when Dr. King was talking about not only the ecological balance of this Planet, but coined the term "spiritual ecology". He also found a solution to greatly help the energy crisis on Earth! Ever since 1973 the worldwide mission, Operation Prayer Power,. where spiritual energy is invoked by ordinary people and stored for release in times of catastrophe anywhere in the world, has continued, its wonders to perform. The combination of radionics and prayer being the alchemy behind this miracle mission, it has a track record of amazing results and was just one such mission invented and designed by Dr. King.

Operation Prayer Power

With Operation Sunbeam Dr. King has taken ecology to another dimension. In this Mission, spiritual energy is given to the Earth through certain psychic centers as a token energy repayment for all that this great Being has given to mankind throughout the centuries. The result of this amazing mission is a huge positive karmic manipulation on behalf of mankind as a whole.

There is no room in this brief article in tribute to a great Master ofYoga to do more than scratch the surface of his vast accomplishments. However, just as the amazing and prolific scientific discoveries earlier this century of scientist Nikolai Tesla were so far reaching that they left mankind reeling, so was Dr. King way ahead of his time. Just as Tesla's discoveries in the realms of electricity revolutionized civilization, so too will Dr. King's discoveries, inventions and achievements begin slowly but surely to revolutionize our world on a spiritual level. Not understood or appreciated in his life by the majority, he stood at times almost alone, with just a handful of followers. Despite this, as a human being, he was never remote from mankind. He was a humanitarian who enjoyed the company of all types of people. Many of his close students around the world were privileged to know him well and they loved and appreciated the many facets of his diverse personality. He was vibrant and dynamic, fully alive to everything and everyone around him. He was a brilliant "metascientist" who used radionics to store spiritual energy as a spiritual first-aid measure in times of world crisis. He designed and built equipment for this purpose. He was a mystic who taught the deeper secrets of yoga and spirituality. He was the disciplinarian who imposed tremendous self-discipline to gain the higher states of consciousness. He was a spiritual warrior who fought through the veils of materialism to bring great Light to this Planet which will in the future be fanned into the flames of pure spirituality - the hallmark of the Aquarian Age.

He was a humorist with a delightful sense of humor who loved to entertain. He was a lover of God in the true sense, revealing that Love is energy, above emotion. His wisdom was elevated, stretching our mind and hearts inwards and upwards to the truth. In his own words "Truth is, whether you like it or not, does not matter". This was his approach, his way. He stood for truth, not popularity and because of this his works, like those of other truly great ones before him, will stand the test of time. He always urged people to reach towards the higher truths, whether they are the wonderful teachings of the Master Jesus or the enlightened edicts of the Lord Buddha. He urged people to study and apply them in their lives. To him application was the key, not theory. He was a thoroughly practical man, again the hallmark of this dawning Age.

But what did his life bring into the mind belt of this Earth that was not there before he came? The concept of Spiritual ecology and how the energy crisis can be solved once and for all. The teaching that Karma, once thought to be inevitable, can be manipulated; that each of us has the power to send great streams of love and healing to mankind. These and many other enlightened concepts, such as the reality of advanced extraterrestrial life within our Solar System, he helped introduce into the mind belt of this Earth.

As astrologers know, the Aquarian Age is not just a mixture of science, humanitarianism and revolutionary thought, but also tradition. Dr. George King embodied all this in his life and teachings. He was truly the Aquarian Master.

Chrissie Blaze

The Aetherius Society


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