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The Global Healing Missions of The Aetherius Society

The second phase of Dr. George King's remarkable mission began on a cold, damp, foggy night in 1959 when he was given instructions to visit America. In Dr. King's own words: "The Being who gave this Command seemed to enshroud me with his dynamic presence as he issued these precise orders:

'You will present yourself in the Americas. You will give our True Message to the people there.'"

Shortly afterwards, Dr. King left his home in England. Like one of the early pioneers, he possessed nothing but his own talents and an enormous faith in his unfolding destiny. A hectic lecture and media tour, conducted on a financial shoestring, took him across this vast continent of N. America three times from coast to coast. Finally, he landed in Los Angeles, California where he lived and labored until his passing in 1997. It was here that he built the American Headquarters of The Aetherius Society as a base for another remarkable aspect of his work - the global, life-changing, life-saving activities which are referred to as "The Missions."

This phase of Dr. King's Mission was tough, challenging, and relentless. It would have been too overwhelming for the ordinary person to even contemplate with the meager resources and assistance at his disposal. However, it was the mark of this incredible man and Master that he never hesitated; just in every other aspect of his global mission he never hesitated to tread where no man had gone before. Throughout his life he envisioned on a grand scale and he had the genius and practicality to bring his vision into living manifestation.

The Cosmic Missions

A "human" tendency is for our individual and collective backs to be up against the wall before we make a change. Collectively, this same reluctance pervades the human race. Because we are so reluctant to change our apathetic and selfish ways, calamities and disasters inevitably come along to slap us into shape.

Dr. George King, however, had a different, enlightened philosophy. He knew that change is an aspect of growth; he saw our future potential, not our current calamities. He taught that, with the correct desire, knowledge and motive, everything can be transformed.

When we look at our future it seems bleak. However, Dr. King taught that nothing is
inevitable. Not the predicted earthquakes, nor the predicted negative effects of the major astrological configurations, nor the destruction of the Planet through our total disregard of its sacred nature and our rape of Her resources. It is up to us, as to how much selfless, Spiritual service we give to help transform our world. Dr. King invented his global healing Missions as the most potent form of Spiritual service we can give in these days.

The Missions combine a modern interpretation of the ancient science of radionics and an all-encompassing spirituality. They involve technology, equipment and machinery, as well as spiritual energy and a powerful karmic manipulation aspect; this alchemical mixture is the stuff of the modern-day miracles the Missions continue to achieve.

The Law of Karma
The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect, within which we all think and move and have our being. While each of us has an individual karmic pattern, mankind also has a collective karmic pattern. Through our thoughts and actions, each of us affects the whole. We help or we hinder; the choice is ours to make.

Dr. King's real mastery, apart from his Yogic abilities, was his understanding and wielding of the Law of Karma in its positive phase. He believed, taught and practiced that within this great Law of God is a vein of compassion, which allows this Law to be so wielded (referred to as "karmic manipulation") It is this collective manipulation of karma that is the secret of the success of the Cosmic Missions.

It is the life-saving Missions that cause The Aetherius Society to be known as a "Spiritual Commando Force" that goes into spiritual action during times of global crisis and catastrophe. Like commandos, we are always geared for action 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Unlike them, of course, all our activities are geared towards healing, light and love!

Dr. George King invented and performed many Missions in his lifetime. Some of them were "one-off" designed to bring balance and healing to our world; others will continue way into the future, and he trained some of his close disciples and initiates to continue with the performance of these.

The Missions include Operation Starlight, Operation Bluewater, Operation Prayer Power, Operation Sunbeam, Operation Space Power, Operation Space Power II, Operation Space Magic, Operation EarthLight and The Saturn Mission.

Let us now examine a selection of these missions, and explain briefly how they are helping our world.

Operation Starlight - 1958-1961
Operation Starlight, began on Holdstone Down, N. Devonshire, England on July 23, 1958 and ended on August 23, 1961. During this three-year mission, 19 mountains around the world were forever charged with powerful Spiritual energies through Dr. George King as a "human channel." Dr. King was instructed by the Cosmic Masters to physically climb 18 of these 19 mountains, four of which were in the U.S.A. - Mount Baldy, S. California, Mount Tallac, N. California, Mount Adams, New Hampshire; and Castle Peak, Colorado.
Operation Bluewater -1963-1964
Operation Bluewater was performed by Dr. George King and a small team of helpers off the coast of Los Angeles, under the direct instruction of the Cosmic Masters. Its purpose was to concentrate spiritual energy in specific parts of Mother Earth because of a warp of existing magnetic fields in the Earth's orbit around the sun: a product of the wrong thought and action of mankind. Few realize that everything we think and do affects not only our own karmic patterns but also the karmic pattern of the whole.

Operation Bluewater was successfully completed in four phases from 1963 to 1964. It took place over a psychic center of the Mother Earth at sea off Newport Beach, California. Although it may sound simple to the uninitiated, in fact it was an extremely complex mission, and one which was very difficult to perform.

First, a boat had to be purchased and made seaworthy; no small task on a financial shoestring, with only a handful of dedicated helpers. Dr. King then had the problem of inventing equipment which could relay the Spiritual energies radiated by Cosmic Masters through nearly 2000 feet of sea water. Finally, during the Phases, he had to operate in two worlds simultaneously. He had to focus one portion of his consciousness on steering the boat through exact navigational patterns, while also maintaining mental contact with Cosmic Intelligences. Operation Bluewater had to be performed prior to the Primary Initiation of the Mother Earth on July 8, 1964.

Operation Sunbeam - 1966 - continuing into the future
We are not alone, nor have we ever been. It takes a little study, and an inner searching on our part to verify this truth. Cosmic Masters have been helping us, as well as protecting the Earth upon which we live for thousands of years, while we have continued in our blissful ignorance.

Operation Sunbeam was designed to give back a token repayment of energy in return for the vast amount of energy we have bled from the Mother Earth, without any thought of repayment or even thanks.

This Mission was borne from the deepest meditations of Dr. George King. His mind dwelt on the beautiful Goddess Earth, on whom we live, breathe and have our being, and he wept at Her enduring sacrifice. He realized that this great and evolved Consciousness, the Logos of Earth, was holding up Her own evolution - for thoughtless, uncaring humanity. Operation Sunbeam was a result of this deep realization, and was first performed on Mount Baldy, California in September, 1966. From that first historic phase, it has grown, evolved and flourished for almost forty years.

The Cosmic Masters have stated that Operation Sunbeam is: "More important than any spiritual function performed by any other country." Dr. King explained why: "In Operation Sunbeam we are transmuting the karma of mankind in such a way as to benefit all life on earth."

We do not ask you to believe this, or indeed any of the Cosmic Missions. We do, however, entreat you to study these world-transforming Missions in a spirit of open mindedness. Study them with your heart and soul, as well as with your mind, and you will find their essence revealed to you like some magical perfume. Do not just believe, investigate for yourself!

Operation Prayer Power -1973 - current

The word ecology is on everyone's lips. It was not, however, over thirty years ago when Dr. King coined the term "spiritual ecology", which describes Operation Prayer Power. This Mission is a dynamic solution to the real energy crisis that exists upon Earth, the Spiritual energy crisis.

It began on June 30, 1973 atop Holdstone Down, N. Devonshire, England and, later that year, on the shores of Lake Powell, Utah, U.S.A. In this mission, spiritual energy is invoked by us ordinary people through prayer and Tibetan mantra. This great transmuting power is then stored and concentrated in radionic instrumentation for release in times of global catastrophe. Because the energy is pre-collected it can be released immediately any disaster, i.e. hurricane, earthquake, etc., may occur. As with several of the other missions, a combination of radionics and prayer is the key to its astounding results of global healing for over thirty years.

Operation Prayer Power continues to this day its wonders to perform. You can join in this mission at several locations around the world - Auckland, New Zealand, London, England, Los Angeles, U.S.A. and Detroit, U.S.A.

Operation Space Power -- current

You have read about Dr. King's extraordinary mediumship abilities through which he received over six hundred messages from highly elevated Intelligences from beyond this world.

One piece of information he received was that a giant spacecraft, invisible to radar, was visiting this planet for certain periods each year to help mankind. These periods are known as "Spiritual Pushes." The Cosmic Masters who have watched over us for centuries are technologically far superior to us. Their spacecraft, called Satellite No. 3, is able to enhance all spiritual activities taking place anywhere on Earth at any time by an exact factor of three thousand times. For more information about this amazing spacecraft, please see the article Satellite No. 3 on this website in the UFO Zone.

Aquarian Master
In this brief article, I can do no more than scratch the surface of Dr. King's vast accomplishments in this Phase of his mission in the U.S.A.

It is apparent that he was way ahead of his time, and there is no doubt that his inventions and achievements will begin slowly but surely to revolutionize our world on a spiritual level.

But what did Dr. King introduce into the mind belt of this Earth that was not there before he came? The concept of "Spiritual ecology", and how the energy crisis can be solved. The teaching that Karma, once thought to be inevitable, can be manipulated; that each of us has the power to transform our world, and Dr. King gave us the tools to do so. To Dr. King application was the key, not theory. He was a thoroughly practical man, the hallmark of this dawning Age.

The Aquarian Age embodies science, spirituality, humanitarianism and revolutionary thought, as well as tradition. Dr. George King embodied all these in his life and teachings. He truly is the Aquarian Master.

© Rev. Chrissie Blaze


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