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February/March 2014 Horoscopes

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Your horoscope is provided by international astrologer and author, Chrissie Blaze, who shares profound knowledge and insight to help you through life: "Remember, astrology inclines, it does not compel. We have the freewill to choose our path, but astrology is a valuable guide."



Until March 1, Mars continues its long journey through Libra. Mars usually takes about 5-6 weeks to travel through each sign but this year remains in Libra for a lengthy 8 months, because of its retrograde motion. Libra is the relationship sign, so take advantage of this planetary influence by working on relationships, personal and business. Expect romance or increased social activity around the Full Moon in Leo on Valentine’s Day. However, relationships may be frustrating in early March; it’s best to work quietly on your own plans and projects.




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