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NEW! Astrology Readings by E-mail

In keeping with the changing times, I am now offering astrology readings via e-mail.  I am still doing full analyses on CD but in response to my clients' needs and pockets, I am offering an analysis by e-mail where I will focus on and answer one question in the context of what is going on in your life now and in the year ahead.  I will analyze your horoscope, and take into account your personal needs, talents and challenges, as well as your unique destiny, and answer you in a helpful, practical way as best I can.

What clients are saying:
"The detail you gave was phenomenal. You have a lot of information to ponder - it was great and I loved it! You are a caring/loving soul who cares about others and are truly a blessing to so many people."  DA

"Chrissie, you're the best astrologer I've come across. I'm so happy you are doing e-mail readings now."  Jen V, Los Angeles, CA.

"Thanks, Chrissie, your reading was a terrific help at a difficult time when I had some important business decisions to make." David H, London, England.

"I paid more for an e-mail reading in the past and it told me nothing. Your analysis was done with so much love and understanding for me. It really made sense and really helped. It was worth every penny and more.  Thank you."  Sheri B, Royal Oak, MI.

Fee: $80 payable in advance by PayPal.

Question of focus:
Birth date, time and place:
Please ask a question about yourself rather than about another specific person. To answer questions about other people, I need their permission and birth data. Also please note that this reading is for entertainment purposes only. Western Astrology allows us to interpret trends operating in your life but we all have free will to choose the course of action we will take.

Note: Since all readings are personally drawn up, analyzed and typed by myself, the reply will not be instantaneous.  However, I will e-mail your reading as soon as possible and within 1-3 days depending upon workload. Thanks for your understanding.


NEW! E-Mail
Astrology Readings!

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