June 2010 Horoscopes

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The first week of June could be pretty sensational for you! You are really coming into your own and just feel really good about life. It’s time to be bold and truly yourself which sometimes you find difficult to do. Let’s face it, you’re unusual. Jupiter enters Aries on June 6, followed by your ruling planet, Uranus, two days later. A friend or contact could bring sudden change which leads you in a new and better direction – towards more growth and fulfillment. It’s a type of spiritual revolution. A few days later, the New Moon is in Gemini on the 12th and this too is a wonderful time when you feel at your best. Friendships are really important to you and they are highlighted – friends, associates, children and all relationships are positive. There is also an indication that it’s a good time for you to increase your finances; you may receive a raise but there’s also a possibility of extra expenses. The only downside this month could occur in the workplace, especially around the time of the Full Moon on June 26. This is in Capricorn and could cause you to experience some power plays at work or controlling people. Just avoid getting drawn into conflicts because it could undo some of the good things that are happening this month. Be aware and don’t get drawn into a friendship at work but keep things to work related issues and you’ll be fine.


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