June 2010 Horoscopes

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This is a significant month of 2010. Optimistic Jupiter enters your sign on June 6 bringing the start of three months of opportunity before it retreats back into Pisces until January 22, 2011. Keep your eyes open and move fast when opportunity is presented. However, this is far more important than usual. Jupiter is forming the first of three fantastic conjunctions with the planet of inspiration and shock, Uranus on June 8. This happens every 14 years. It’s not now time to hang on to the past, or anything you’ve outgrown, or any security blankets because this conjunction promises to prise you away from any such things into the unknown. The unknown is good though, in this case and the potential for change is absolutely enormous now. Remember you’re the pioneer so don’t just ignore this, whatever you do. You may not know exactly where the opportunities will lead you until the Fall or early 2011 but don’t miss out because this is the stuff of your dreams. You may be tempted to retreat but don’t. Venus in Cancer may have you clinging to your home, family and security but remember you’re not here on earth to be overly cautious; you’re here learning the life of the pioneer; the one who takes chances.

Since this is an important time for you, I would recommend you consider having a Forecast chart done for the upcoming year so that you can steer clear of the rocks along the way and make the most of what’s ahead. I’m not doing this for everyone but to show you that Jupiter in Aries signifies lucky breaks, I will give you $50 off the regular Forecast chart for you, Aries, if you e-mail me with Aries Offer in the subject line and order it before June 30. I too am an Aries so feel as excited as you do. Just remember though that integrity is a most precious commodity; hold on tight to it when the excitement mounts and don’t let go. Don’t do anything that compromises you but do take that leap. The Gemini New Moon on June 12 may present you with several options and you may find it hard to choose. You’re good at focusing so focus on the option that is the most spiritual, fulfilling and growth-oriented rather than scattering your energies. There is some stress around June 21-26 when the Sun and Mercury make a difficult aspect to Jupiter and Uranus, followed by a bit of self-doubt towards the month end. Don’t let the doubt diminish your sense of excitement of what’s up ahead. The Full Moon is in Capricorn on June 26; another indication of a change in your status.


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