June 2010 Horoscopes

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As a sensitive Cancer, you are beginning to feel changes coming this month and the speed of your life pick up its pace. Jupiter enters dynamic Aries, a fellow Cardinal sign of action, on June 6, highlighting your career arena. It joins up with planet of surprises and change, Uranus two days later on June 8, making this a significant time for the world, as this only happens once every fourteen years and being in what is called the Aries Point (1 degree of Aries) makes it even more significant. You may feel restless about your career or vocation and your role in the public eye. I just want to advice you not to take a leap into the unknown even though you may feel like it. You’re in a time of change now through January 4, 2011 so there’ll be plenty of time to act. There is a New Moon on June 12; a good time to refresh yourself spiritually. On June 21, the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters your sign as your birthday month begins. You might consider getting me to do a personal Forecast for you to get a better idea of what’s up ahead. To do this, I analyze your natal chart, transits, progressions and solar return chart. You will find out more under Personal Consultations. As it’s your birthday, I will offer you a $50 off if you send an e-mail to chrissieblaze@msn.com with Cancer Forecast Offer in the subject line. Watch out around June 26 when the Full Moon in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto in your relationship area. This could indicate a power struggle and you may be faced with issues of freedom versus dependency...it may be time to move on from a certain relationship or else transform it in some way.


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