June 2010 Horoscopes

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You may find yourself thinking about a move when Jupiter enters Aries on June 6, joined two days later by Uranus. Suddenly, your current home may not seem spacious enough and out of the blue you may receive an opportunity to move somewhere else. Another manifestation of this is that you may want to redecorate or renovate using bold colors, like red and electric blue accents! Also, more than ever you feel an urge to nurture your spiritual self and it’s an excellent month for meditation and spiritual practices. The more you do this, the more clarity you will feel about other areas of your life; the stronger and more vital you will be. When Mars dashes into Virgo on June 7, you may find yourself thinking about long-distance travel or vacation but probably not a good time to do this – just dream! Instead take some time off at home and catch up on domestic projects; you will feel refreshed and centered if you do this. It’s also a good time to catch up with friends and family, especially the first nine days of June. On June 12, the New Moon is in Gemini which affects your routines and work environment. You may realize that you need further study and training to advance on your career and it’s a good time to step up your skills, and also focus on health and healing. You could experience some relationship clashes around the Full Moon on June 26 with disagreements in the air. Perhaps you are not in agreement about your plans for redecorating, or something along those lines. Be patient and prepared to compromise.


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