June 2010 Horoscopes

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You begin to feel freer from June 6 when electric Uranus followed by expansive Jupiter move into Aries, from the confines of your area of daily routines to spice up your relationships. Expect interesting, exciting and helpful people to enter your life now and this is the tone you can expect for the next few months. You may find yourself becoming more open-minded as the year progresses, even if you are already pretty tolerant. These aspects have a way of breaking down old-outworn prejudices and enabling us to see life in a new light. Your mind and your horizons are widening. Mars retreats back into Virgo on June 7-July 29, causing you to want to retreat a little and spend some quiet time. This is an excellent time to step up your reflections, meditations and spiritual practices, or go on a spiritual retreat or workshop. Even so, you will still spend time in the public eye with the New Moon in Gemini on June 12 urging you into the limelight and your planet, Venus entering Leo on June 14. You may feel a little quieter and more introspective towards the end of June when there’s a Lunar Eclipse on June 26 which may leave you feeling a little uncertain of the future. Certainly not as bold as confident as you felt earlier in the month.


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