June 2010 Horoscopes

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Your finances could improve at last as Jupiter enters Aries on June 6, joined by Uranus two days later, affecting your area of money and resources. Jupiter brings growth and opportunity. You may get what seems like a lucky break, or unexpected financial benefit of some kind around this time. You may also feel like splurging and spending but best not to do so; you’re in a time of increase but funds are more likely to increase if you do not spend everything you have. As well as money coming in you could also experienced an unexpected expense. Overall though, there is opportunity for financial growth. You can also discover talents that you didn’t really know you had. You could experience some tension on the home front with disagreements about children, if you have them, or domestic expenses. It may be difficult to compromise, especially when relatives get involved. Try to focus on the practical and not get caught up in the emotion of the situation. Things improve around June 14 when Venus enters Leo, bringing you helpful females at work. You’ll enjoy the projects you’re working on and don’t be surprised to find you’re quite the star. You may find some challenges with friends and groups to which you belong around the time of the Full Moon on June 26 in Capricorn. Don’t get drawn into debates at this time because you may waste your time and get frustrated trying to change people’s minds.


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