June 2010 Horoscopes

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Your social life gets a boost when Jupiter enters Aries on June 6. You may find your friends increasing in number and be more inclined than usual to join with other people in group endeavors. It also increases your idealism when, two days later, Jupiter joins with, Uranus, the planet that desires to see change. Expect a so-called “lucky” break this week and be open to opportunities that arise from your contact with friends and associates. There could be a new career opportunity which could literally change your life and the way you think. If you’re single and seeking romance, you could experience love at first sight. However, my advice is to take things slowly because Uranus brings sudden change and things can end as quickly as they begin. Still if you allow relationships to develop, they could bring something lasting that changes the way you feel. Relationships are positive in June, especially the week of June 12 when the New Moon is in your opposite sign of Gemini. It’s a good time to step up your communication though there’s an associate at work who could present problems. Keep your cards close to your chest at work and don’t reveal too much personal information because it could be used against you at this time. At the end of June you could experience some financial tension with the Full Moon in your area of finances in Capricorn, activating Pluto. There could be some type of change in your fortune, like an unexpected expense or an unexpected raise. Just prepare for a possible expense by being cautious with your investments. Don’t jump into any financial schemes in June because they could prove disastrous.


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