June 2010 Horoscopes

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As a Taurus you don’t like to be rushed. However, you start to feel that the year is speeding up and it’s true. Jupiter steams into fast-moving Aries on June 6 for three months before retreating back to Pisces for a few months until January 22, 2011. What Jupiter is doing is bringing you a glimpse of what is up ahead and adding fuel to your dreams. You feel more enthusiastic than usual. Also on June 8, it makes an extremely important conjunction to shocking Uranus bringing change. This is not your favorite word and you have tendency to hold onto things long after they are useful. Now, all I can say is – let go. In fact, if you don’t let go, you will probably find the things and people you have outgrown will just kind of slip away and new and better will appear. It’s that kind of time. There is a New Moon in Gemini on June 12 which may make you feeling a little jumpy until June 14. However, this does mark a good time for you to become more disciplined with your spending and plan a budget. Not the most exciting but very useful. Then, on June 15, an exciting Venus Jupiter trine make this a great day for you to promote and enjoy yourself. On June 21, the Summer Solstice, the Sun enters Cancer, joined by Mercury on June 25. You will find yourself embroiled in conversations about your feelings; or plans to upgrade or remodel your home. No doubt, your children come up in conversation more than usual. The Full Moon Eclipse is on June 26 bringing insights and new ways of looking at the world.


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