June 2010 Horoscopes

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I know as a Virgo you like to manage your life but June may be difficult to contain with some wild planetary configurations. On June 7, Mars enters your sign, which helps you to organize and be efficient. However, Jupiter enters Aries on June 6 followed closely by Uranus on June 8, urging you to widen your horizons, be adventurous and be open to opportunity. Don’t be stuck doing inessentials or handling petty details, and miss big opportunities that could arise; don’t worry about the dimes when you could spend the same amount of time and energy reaping large rewards. In other words, think big this month and be prepared to step out on a limb. The New Moon is in your area of career or vocation bringing new responsibilities your way. Try not to take on too much because some intense aspects coming up later in the month – Sun square Saturn on the 19th followed by a square to Uranus and Jupiter – may make you feel overwhelmed. It’s not the time to fight for lost causes. You may feel a little nervous knowing that change is in the air but not yet quite clear how to handle it. Things should become clearer around June 28 when Mercury aligns with the Sun.


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