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Naught but God
Karmic Astrology
Embracing Change
Perfection in Action
The Courage of His Eminence Sir George King
The Sword of Truth
Illuminate Your Mind with Your Heart
Venus, and the Power of Love
The Mystic Heart

Naught but God
When we swim in the mighty oceans or watch a sunset we are awed by the beauty and power of Nature. When we look upwards at the stars and planets and mighty galaxies we realize how small we are in comparison. It is only when we gain a perspective of our true place in the Cosmos that we live in harmony with the flow of life. Once we have this perspective, we can then unlock the great powers that reside within us - the powers of the Divine. For although we are so small in comparison with the vastness of life, there is also a Spark of the Divine within us which has limitless powers. From this realization of our Divine nature, we can overcome our ego and our fears and start to shine like the Sun and blossom like the flowers in Spring. Then we can unfold our true Nature - which is divine.

22 minutes CD - $5.00

Karmic Astrology
In this lecture, Chrissie Blaze discusses:
  • What is karmic astrology as opposed to conventional astrology?
  • How we can use it to understand our own karma - positive and negative.
  • How we can use it to gain understanding and self-mastery.
  • How we can stop defining ourselves by externals and find our true purpose.
  • Why we choose our birth day before we are born.
  • Why we choose our parents.
  • What is the X-Factor in our lives?
  • What are Karmic relationships?
  • How we can find past life indicators in our charts and use this to live more fully in the now.
  • How it is a powerful tool to help us unfold our Spiritual potential.
  • How it can show what we are on Earth to do - our destiny.
  • Our interrelationship with the Cosmos.
and more!

60 minutes $7.50 + $3.50 S&H

Embracing Change
Most of us want change but when it comes it can be difficult because we leave behind our old self and our old ways in order to embrace the new. Change takes courage but is essential as we grow and leave behind the people, habits and things we have outgrown. To embrace change we need to become like the bamboo - strong and resilient. In this Address, Chrissie talks about the different types of change, some wanted and some unwanted, and how we can embrace this. Change comes in the form of opportunities and challenges and if we embrace it in the right way we move in the direction of our destiny. Then we can experience the true joy of the soul, and emerge from the chrysalis of our former self as the beautiful butterfly we were born to be. (20 minutes) $5.00

Perfection in Action
Address given by Chrissie Blaze. In this, Chrissie discusses how we can - through doing our work as perfectly as possible - create a magic equal to that of the great artists and geniuses of history. She talks about the importance of karma yoga in these days and how it's imperative that the Spiritual aspirant puts his or her beliefs into action through their work for humanity. All work done in Service is vitally important in these days of change, and should never be underestimated.

(18 mins.) $5.00

The Courage of His Eminence Sir George King
Address given by Chrissie Blaze at The Aetherius Society based on her Spiritual Master, and how she was inspired by his demonstration of courage in so many areas of his life. It is taught that Bravery is the First Freedom and he not only taught this, but lived his life according to this spiritual principle, showing Courage in physical, mental, and spiritual ways.

(20 mins.) $5.00

The Sword of Truth
Throughout the ages, the Sword has been the symbol for Truth. The double-aged Sword of Truth is also an initiation that at some point the initiate will have to face; whether they pick up this sword and take the responsibility that taking to Truth entails, or whether they reject it. Chrissie Blaze talks about the path of Truth with its struggles, but also its triumphs, in an address given at The Aetherius Society.

(17 mins.) $5.00

Illuminate Your Mind with Your Heart
Inspirational Address given following the death of Chrissie's mother in January, 2006, in which she went on a "journey of the heart", witnessing its depths, its pain and - its joy; moving more surely towards my heart.
She urges the listener to pay attention to what our heart is trying to tell us, so we can illuminate our mind with it. Our hearts are powerful broadcasting its own electromagnetic field thousands of times more powerful than brain.

By operating from heart, we have more power, individually and collectively. By operating from a place of heart, we can create the long-awaited brotherhood of man.

(25 mins) Price: $5.00

Venus, and the Power of Love
In this Address given at The Aetherius Society I discussed the recent Venus transit on June 8, 2004 and its possible implications for individuals and the world. I discussed the power and meaning of the planet Venus, and its vibrations influence us, especially during the next 8 year period.

(21 mins.) Price: $5:00

The Mystic Heart - Chrissie Blaze
This Address explains the mystic element in all religions, and specifically in The Aetherius Society, of which Chrissie has been a Member for over 30 years. She examines concepts like the deeper meaning of the Ministry, Apostolic Succession, and more.

(23 mins.) $5.00.

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