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Destiny Report


MAJOR LIFE THEMES NATAL REPORT $1.95 (birth time unknown); $2.95 (known)
This popular interpretation of your chart is written in simple language, uncluttered by astrological jargon. Your mental and emotional nature, and areas in which you tend to excel or have difficulties are described. This brief report reads smoothly, with few contradictions and many insights
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This report is a must for all those on a Spiritual path. From a mystical point of view your birth chart is a portrait of your soul's intention for this lifetime, the lessons to be learned, qualities to develop, problems to be resolved, service to be rendered. From that perspective, the choices one makes in one's daily life have reverberations that may last beyond even this lifetime. This report is written to help you clarify your lessons and goals, illuminate your struggles, and find your own unique place in life - your destiny - encouraging you to move in the direction of your true purposes. It is an 8-10 page printout.
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Note: All the computer generated reports are produced by Astrosoftware. If you have any technical problems with receiving these reports, please e-mail Kepler@astrosofware.com.

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