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Relationship Report


COMPATIBILITY REPORT $19.95 $9.95(no birth time)
This is the best relationship report I have found using the ancient art of astrology.

This fascinating astrology compatibility report analyzes the relationship between any two people, whether a love interest, family member, your boss or a friend or co-worker. This report is so complete that it is like several astrological comparison techniques in one.

It includes a section which reveals the impact of the planets in your birth chart on the other person's chart. This is translated into simple language as:
What brought you together? Was it destiny, magnetic attraction or karma?
You will gain tremendous insight into what makes your partner "tick."
You will learn their personal needs, desires, approach to life, and personality.
You will learn more about yourself and your own needs and desires (or if this chart is not for you, about the second person in the relationship.)

There is another whole section devoted to discovering the potential destiny and outcome of the relationship. This is done astrologically by combining your birth chart and your partner's into one, using a special technique of midpoints. It is very insightful indeed!
You will learn whether your relationship is destined to succeed, and what areas you might have to work on to make it last.
You will gain sound advice on handling differences between you.
You will better appreciate each other's ways and personalities, which will give you a better chance to succeed.

This fascinating report does a superb job of comparing and analyzing the two birth charts of any two individuals. It is an excellent guide to have at the beginning of a new relationship, as an engagement or wedding gift, or to help you deepen your existing relationship at any stage along the way.
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PSYCHE AND EROS COMPATIBILITY REPORT $19.95 ($9.95 no birth time)
This report is different from the Compatibility Report in that it offers a new approach to romance and relationship astrology. It not only looks at the relationship between you and your partner, and how your personality and needs relate to your partner's, but it also analyzes the emotional needs, temperament, love potential, hang-ups and issues of each of you as individuals.

If you purely want an analysis of your relationship (or the relationship of another couple, such as a wedding gift, etc.), I would recommend the Compatibility Report above. However, if you are interested in learning more about your relationship needs and the relationship needs of your partner, this is the chart for you.

Also Psyche and Eros helps you understand better the potential of your existing relationship and how it could develop.
This report will show you how your partner (or the other person) feels about your relationship? Are they looking for security? Are they looking for a fling?
Psyche and Eros consists of 4 sections: Sections 1 and 2 describe the relationship potential of each person. Sections 3 and 4 describe how the two people experience each other as well as the relationship from the perspective of each person, and how each person feels about the relationship.
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Note: All the computer generated reports are produced by Astrosoftware. If you have any technical problems with receiving these reports, please e-mail Kepler@astrosofware.com.

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