One of the best things that happened to astrology was the computer-generated report. You simply type in your birth data, pay a relatively small amount (from $1.95 to $36.95) and receive via email a 10-30 page report about your life's direction, talents and challenges. Also, these reports are tailor-made to focus on specific areas, such as career or relationships. When we are faced with difficult decisions, it is good to have the kind of objective advice that these reports offer. For instance the Relocation Report gives information about how you would fare in up to five locations of your choice; an ideal guide if you are planning to move home, or even take a vacation.

While I cannot claim that these reports are as personal or insightful as a Personal Consultation, they are certainly an extremely helpful tool to help you through the challenges of life.

I now offer the following Astrology Reports:

Note: All the computer generated reports are produced by Astrosoftware. If you have any technical problems with receiving these reports, please e-mail

Major Life Themes Natal Report $2.95; $1.95 (no birth time)
Karmic Insight Report $9.95

Compatibility Report $19.95; $9.95 (no birth time)
Psyche and Eros Compatibility Report $19.95; $9.95 (no birth time)

Advanced Forecast
3 Months $11.95; $9.95 (no birth time)
1 Year $36.95; $33.95 (no birth time)
1 Year Highlights $11.95; $9.95 (no birth time)

Baby or Child Report $9.95
Vocational Guidance Report $9.95
Relocation Information Report $9.95
Canine Report $9.95; $7.95 (no birth time)

Personal In-Depth Consultations
Baby Keepsake Report

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